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Our Benefits
download PDF icon At Ceridian, employees are invaluable assets, and one of the most important ways Ceridian protects those assets is through an outstanding benefits & rewards program. We provide our employees with financial protection for various life circumstances and needs, numerous opportunities for career development, and a work-life balance to ensure they achieve and maintain personal and professional success.
Ceridian's comprehensive pay-for-performance compensation package is designed to reward high performers for their contributions to the success of our company.
Providing a comprehensive and customizable Health & Welfare benefits package is just one of the ways that Ceridian truly is a great place to work. Employee benefits are paid for by the company and are flexible, allowing the employee to decide what type of coverage is right for him/her - that's how strongly we feel at Ceridian about ensuring our employees and their families' needs are taken care of.
At Ceridian, we offer our employees a comprehensive scope of financial and retirement planning programs and resources to assist them in planning and achieving their short-term and long-term financial goals.
Ceridian believes that it is important for our employees to have time off to pursue personal interests, spend time with their families, tend to other obligations, or just to relax. We offer a generous and flexible vacation & time-off program.
Ceridian strives to create an environment that provides development opportunities for our employees and supports lifelong learning. In fact, Ceridian averages 50 hours of education and training per staff member each year, well above the Canadian average of 28 hours per person.
At Ceridian, we value our employees and therefore encourage them to achieve and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Our work and life programs help our employees balance current and future needs that may affect them personally and professionally.
At Ceridian, hard work and exceptional achievements do not go unnoticed! Through a variety of reward and recognition programs we acknowledge individuals and teams for outstanding performance and accomplishments that contribute to business goals, values and success.
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