Diversity & Inclusion

YOUnity: Ceridian's Diversity and Inclusion Program
At Ceridian, we are committed to creating and maintaining a culture that embraces diversity and which offers a strong sense of belonging. YOUnity – Ceridian's Diversity and Inclusion program focuses on building a unique and inclusive environment where every employee and customer is valued, respected and supported. YOUnity's primary mandate is to ensure that every employee feels that they can bring their 'whole self' to work each and every day.

Ceridian has always been committed to fair employment practices through every phase of the staffing process. We continually work to recruit and develop a diverse workforce in every country in which we operate.

We believe that diversity and inclusion isn't just the right thing to do – it's also about good business. That's why we embrace and leverage the full range of human differences throughout Ceridian in a way that benefits our employees, our customers, and the communities in which we live and work.

Ceridian's diversity journey is guided by our values, our focus on our customers, and the creation of a high-performing organization. Today, as we strive to be the company of choice for our customers, our suppliers and our employees, we invite everyone to share in Ceridian's journey of diversity.

Our grassroots Employee Resource Groups offer employees a chance to come together around shared areas of interest:

Ceridian Women's Network (CWN): CWN provides a forum for the professional improvement and personal development of Ceridian employees, focusing on the interests of women. This is done by offering a series of networking, educational and social events designed to stimulate conversation and to provide chances for employees and customers to share knowledge and experiences and by providing feedback on policies and practices to decision-makers within Ceridian. Global events are held throughout the year, with local activities occurring in many of Ceridian's locations.

Ceridian Black Employee Network (BEN): Members work together to create and maintain a workplace in which Ceridian's Black employee community can equally and actively use their talents to contribute to the success of Ceridian. Ceridian Black Employee Network (BEN) promotes and supports diversity and inclusion by connecting and engaging deeply committed employees who are interested in ensuring the success and engagement of Black employees at Ceridian. This group also looks to build bridges to the Black community outside of Ceridian, to create strong business relationships with diverse companies to positively impact Ceridian growth, and to provide insights and recommendations on matters relating to increasing diversity in the workplace.

CeridianPRIDE: Members work to create and maintain an inclusive and accepting culture for Ceridian's LGBTQA+ employees allowing for the expression of their whole selves at work. The group is open to all Ceridian employees who identify as part of the LGBTQA+ community, or as an ally, and it provides a safe space for LGBTQA+ awareness building, education and networking opportunities. It also works to promote diversity and inclusion and the fostering of business success through educational outreach, employee activities, and community involvement.

disABILITY@Ceridian: Members aim to promote, foster and support a diverse and cohesive community of differently abled peoples and allies through awareness, education, coaching and accommodation. disABILITY@Ceridian is open to any employee who wants to support and empower differently abled employees to fully contribute and reach their full potential in the workplace while working to eliminate the stereotypes and stigmas associated with persons with both visible and invisible disabilities. This group also advocates for and identifies tools needed for success and independence of differently abled employees in the Ceridian workplace.

Meet Our People

Ravi, Research & Development
Research & Development
Ravi has been with Ceridian for 3 years and has been developing software for 25 years including many years in the Boston area. Ravi is a Team Lead on the Platform team and is passionate about building software "that just works". Ravi holds two patents, two time Microsoft MVP award recipient, and frequent contributor to the open source community. Outside of work Ravi enjoys building freeware apps, playing classic rock on his guitar and piano and photography.
"It's fun to work on hard problems with smart people who are passionate about their craft and freely share their knowledge with others. I love the fact that our engineering managers started out in the trenches by writing code (many still do) and intuitively 'get it'."
Maria, Project Manager
Project Manager
I chose to work at Ceridian because its brand promise, Makes Work Life Better™, really resonated with me. Ceridian's commitment to make work life better for employees is felt throughout the entire organization. I work with very talented and knowledgeable teammates from across the world. The opportunity to work with so much talent is priceless.
"Working with the latest cutting edge technology is an opportunity of a life time. Hearing clients' satisfaction in working with the technology is a good feeling. I like that the growth opportunities at Ceridian are endless. I choose my career path and am supported to make my dreams come true."
Lisa, Product Management
Product Management
Lisa has worked for Ceridian for 16 years in various capacities in Product Management and Implementation. She has more than 20 years of experience working with HR, Benefits, and Payroll systems. Outside of work Lisa enjoys interior design, gardening, shopping, snowshoeing, boating and flying. She and her husband even own their own plane!
"Each day I am presented with new challenges that help me stay focused and interested. I love the flexibility I have to balance my work life and home life. I enjoy working with a diverse group of people."
Nina, Customer Support
Customer Support
Nina has been with Ceridian for 3 years and has 5 years of overall career experience in systems support. When she finished her education she thought she wanted to become a Computer Science professor and even started teaching part-time but felt she should try industry first. She ended up really enjoying herself and decided to stay. Nina enjoys the mix of technical and people skills in Customer Support. Outside of work Nina enjoys camping, hiking, triathlon, and travelling. Her favorite country to visit is Thailand.
"For me, liking the people you work with is a big factor, and I'm lucky to have a great set of teammates in Ceridian. We enjoy working together but we are also friends outside of work."
Tami, Implementation
Tami has worked for Ceridian for 4 years spanning two occasions most recently rejoining as a project manager after missing the world of HCM. She has 25 years of IT experience mostly related to HR, Payroll, and Benefits systems. Outside of work Tami enjoys running, cycling, paddle boarding, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, drawing, painting, and movies.
"My role as an Implementation Project Manager is great because I get to be an advocate for customers as well as the Ceridian team. The work is fast paced and each project keeps me challenged."
Clara, Senior Learning Consultant
Senior Learning Consultant
I joined Ceridian because it was a company that was recognized as a reputable employer that promoted diversity and growth and I saw a lot of opportunities for personal development. I love working at Ceridian because of the culture and its people. We've got a really awesome team of people who are supportive, helpful, hardworking and also fun! Ceridian values its employees and really sees its people as assets for the company and ensures that each and every employee has what they need to do a great job. Ceridian promotes good work life balance.
"There's always something fun going on at Ceridian like our employee golf tournament and annual gingerbread decorating contest during Christmas time. The most exciting part about working at Ceridian is seeing and being a part of the company growth. Ceridian is very supportive of their employees and their career aspirations. There are so many different opportunities and teams within the company - I truly believe that there is something here for everyone! For example, I started in the company as an Implementation Consultant, but decided that I wanted pursue a career in learning and development. Within a short period of time, arrangements were made for me to join the Dayforce education team, where I was able to focus on client and internal training – something that I am happily doing every day. In the five years I have been with the company, I have seen how quickly the company has grown and how well we are doing in today's competitive market. It's exciting to be a part of that and I am looking forward to see what the future has in store for Ceridian!"
Bonnie, Research & Development
Research & Development
Bonnie has been a software developer on the platform team with Ceridian for 3 years. She thinks of herself as a programmer by day and vegan baker by night. She enjoys a full life both at work and outside. Her interests include gaming, cosplay, crochet, snowboarding, cycling, and baking delicious cookies and cake!
"There is tons of challenging development to be done here at Ceridian. It's interesting work with tons of variety. We're creating new things all the time!"
Dave, Sales
Dave has been an Account Executive at Ceridian HCM for over 3 years. Dave works with mid-market clients with the singular goal of making their work life better. Outside of work Dave enjoys spending time with his family, cooking, sports, traveling and spending time on the water.
"It is FUN to work with all my different clients, from a variety of industries, as I strive to be the most consultative partner possible. Once I achieve that relationship, I truly become their trusted advocate in working with them to provide the tools they require to better their organization."
Rachel, Sales
Rachel has been with Ceridian for 15 years, in both New Business Sales and Account Management. Rachel is currently an Enterprise Account Executive and loves working with her customers and building strong and long lasting partnerships with them. Rachel enjoys the strategic conversations with her clients as well as showcasing the superior product suite offered through Dayforce HCM. Outside of work Rachel enjoys running, yoga, reading, traveling and spending time on the beach with her family.
"A great company starts with great people. I am fortunate to work with amazing, generous, team-oriented, smart, talented and fun colleagues here at Ceridian!"
Bonnie, Research & Development Nina, Customer Support Rachel, Sales Clara, Senior Learning Consultant Dave, Sales
Maria, Project Manager Lisa, Product Management Ravi, Research & Development Tami, Implementation
Ceridian is an equal Opportunity Employer.
We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, age,
national origin or disability. EEO/M/F/D/V